Kingspan Insulated Firewalls

Fire safety is critical in protecting you and your business. That's where we can help.

Spanning over 25 years we have a huge understanding of what is required in fire protecting your business and properties. We supply and install the Kingspan Insulated Firewalls across London and the South East.

An integral and major part of protecting your property, business and your company's staff is fire safety, which can be achieved with Kingspan Insulated Firewall systems.

Our insulated firewall systems can be used for many industrial applications across the UK, including Warehouse & Industrial dividing walls, internal partitions, and external protection.

Kingspan firewalls provide high-performance, insulated panel solutions that deliver excellent construction efficiencies that are carried by extensive system fire testing and demonstrate high levels of fire resistance.

Benefits of Insulated Firewall Systems

  • Speedy Low Cost Installation
  • Fully Accredited & Quality Assured Construction
  • Pre-Finished, Maintenance-Free, Easy To Repair
  • Fully Demountable & Recyclable
  • Unsupported Spans in Excess of 11.5m
  • Thermally Efficient Construction
  • Can Offer Up to 4 Hour Fire Resistance
  • Fully Building Regulation Compliant

Kinspan Insulated Panels offer a high level of fire performance which can offer up to 4 hour fire resistance. Their LPCB and FM Approved insulated panels undergo rigorous insurance industry fire tests and audits that demonstrate fire spreading prevention in real fire studies.

Your main objective of installing Insulated Firewalls is to protect people, property and your business which Kingspan panels systems are proven to prevent. In accordance with the Euroclass system, Kingspan insulated panel systems can be classified as B-s1,d0 which is the highest performance for a material in this field.

Kingspan are the market leader in manufacturing and supplying of high performance Insulated Firewall products and systems for building fabric and building services applications. If your business is looking for fire-rated system in your project, please Get in Touch with one of our experienced, helpful staff to discuss how we can help.

Kingspan panel systems protect against fire spread, giving safety to people, property and goods. The insurer-approved solutions help protect you and your business.

Contact us today to find out how we can help protect you and your business, and take away that worry. Call on 0208 500 5007 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.